Comming soon -- a search function that will allow you to search for other clubs and organizations with whom you can become a Sister Club.

  • Are you a youth group looking to develop a birding relationship with another youth group?

  • Taking a trip and want to find out what other clubs might host you on your travels?

  • Want to know when migrants are leaving or passing through another club's region so you can get ready to see them?

          All of these questions and more can be answered by searching the database of information provided by clubs and organizations already in the Network.  
          Joining the Network is easy and does not obligate your club or organization to do anything other than to allow others to contact you based on information you provide.      Just click on the "button" below to access our form.  Fill out the questions, and hit "submit."  

          Please note than anybody can join the Network -- clubs (bird clubs, Audubon chapters, etc.), conservation organizations (e.g., American Birding Association, American Bird Conservancy, Land Trusts, The Nature Conservancy, etc.), government programs (e.g., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, USAid, U.S. Forest Service, etc.), and even individual birders.

          The main point is to get people connected through the migratory birds they love so much.

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