Our Mission...
To deepen connections among birders throughout migratory flyways by sharing information, collaborating on projects, and engaging with local residents in habitat conservation 
What we do

We are a network of Bird Clubs, similar organizations, and individual birders who care deeply about birds.  We enjoy seeing birds -- both residents and Neotropical migratory birds that link us throughout the hemisphere.  To keep seeing and enjoying these birds, we need to work with others on conservation efforts.  This network is aimed at facilitating conservation efforts, viewing opportunities, and exchanges of visitors among clubs.​  

Check out this video by Norman Espinosa and Francisco Rovelo from the Hummingbirds Club in Gracias, Lempira, Honduras.  They produced this video for our symposium on the Sister Bird Club Network at the Partners in Flight Conference held in November 2017.

You can access Francisco's and Norman's powerpoint slides by clicking the Download button below.
Play the video in the background and watch the slides.  Listen to the video to know when to advance to the next slide
How do we deepen relationships with other clubs?
What are other clubs doing?
How do we connect wth a sister club?
Want to just try it out?   This part of the website is a clearninghouse of information about clubs in the network and the activities in which they are engaged.  You can check out what clubs are doing and decide whether your club wants to connect with them.  
Want to become a more active participant?  This part of the website can help you find ways to make some initial connections with one or more sister clubs.  It gives some ideas for how clubs can interact with each other at a basic level.  

Ready to deepen your club's relationship with another club?  This part of the website can help your club find other clubs that also are ready for a deeper conection.  It gives examples of how clubs can work together on joint projects for viewing and/or coserving birds.  
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